Who is Rachel Daya Gold? 

I turned 50 in 2019 which felt like a big turning point in my life. I sensed change on the horizon.
Reflecting back over the last 25 years, I am deeply grateful for every enriching opportunity, for being mum to 3 incredible beings, now 24, 21 and 9 and so much gratitude for my wonderful clients and inspirational teachers.


As I approach my menopause, I am aware of the shedding of many layers of my life and i feel an increasing trust in my inner knowing about this new phase of my life’s purpose.

As Clarissa Pincola Estes, therapist and author said :

"Ours is not the task of fixing the entire world but stretching out to mend the part of the world that is within our reach."

Wise words of nourishment for my soul, as during my more fertile years, I certainly wanted to fix the entire world with my many Heart causes. I was very busy.

Rachel Daya’s 25 years therapy experience

I am passionate advocate of women’s birth rights and have supported pregnant and new mums as a therapist, doula, healer and author for 25 years. Beginning with my apprenticeship with Gowri Motha of the Gentle Birth Method in 1994, I trained as a counsellor, reflexologist and massage therapist.


Also as a psychosexual therapist, I campaigned through the organisation BASE (British Association of Sexual Educators), that I co-founded, for new parents and mums to have more support and education for their sex and relationship intimacy. And for caregivers to identify patterns of abuse arising through pregnancy and to also recognise the violation and trauma that many women experience during childbirth.


I currently continue to support pregnant and new mums and parents with a project I share with my daughter, Mummies On The Move


As a sacred intimacy therapist, I have facilitated couples and women for 20 years to rediscover their heart’s passion, heal their shadow wounds and dare to dive into deeper intimacy. I use the word Tantra with great care, reverence and a sad heart, that there has been so much misuse of power and abuse of these sacred teachings.


Healing and recovery is urgently needed here and for my part, I was a co-founder of the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists as professional body to protect and advise Somatic Sexuality practitioners, as well as clients.


I practice somatic bodywork, whenever this is appropriate for the client and have trained and integrated Consent Touch and trauma informed care. I believe that great healing can arise with consent based somatic experiencing.


I consider yoga practices, especially orgasmic yoga, pranayama, yoga nidra and womb yoga to be great allies in somatic experiencing, when they are held and facilitated with total respect and honour for the individual client. Once again, I have a sad heart about the consistent misuse of power in many yoga environments. I am dedicated to helping to bring healing to this very challenging situation, especially for the women who have suffered so greatly in their yoga journey.

Daya’s yoga journey

I have been a yoga devotee since my teen years, when I discovered yoga to help me through a stressful period at university. Through my 20’s I practised kundalini yoga and iyenger yoga, during my pregnancies I attended active birth and pregnancy yoga with Janet Balaskas.

I was fortunate to be part of the holistic team of therapists working with natural birth pioneer Dr Yehudi Gordon at his clinic Viveka during the late 90’ and as such, I had access to many inspiring and leading edge therapists and yoga teachers dedicated to female healing.

During my 30’s I continued to practice kundalini yoga and I also began training in viniyoga, as this was a very adaptable style of practice to offer to my therapy clients. It also helped me to manage personal challenges of teenagers and divorce.

Through my later 30’s and certainly through my 40’s, my personal practice of yoga has been more yin in style. Most recently I trained as a Heart of Living Yoga teacher. At this time I also received my spiritual name Daya which means compassion and feels perfect for this new phase of my life and definitely led me back home to training as a Womb Yoga therapist with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Please know that you can call me either Rachel, or Rachel Daya or Daya. All is fine. Whichever you feel inspired to call me. I will answer.

Daya’s sacred feminine healing journey and training

Over the last decade my own sacred feminine healing journey has very much inspired and influenced my professional work. Leading me to train in women’s healing modalities, beyond my original 2003 spiritual healing qualification.

I am deeply grateful for the richness of the teachings of both the lineages of Magdalen and Sophia and my time spent in Glastonbury with the Goddess community and Spiritual teachers who are dear to my heart.

During these years I dedicated as a Priestess of Rhiannon and trained in the sacred art of Lomi Lomi massage. I also studied and practiced Shamanic Womb Massage, as well as Womb Sound Healing, with a unique set of womb attuned tuning forks.

Over the last years, I have had the immense privilege of witnessing the profound healing of women in the presence of these womb attuned forks. Especially women who have experienced challenging sexual health issues, resulting from some form of personal violation in their history.

I was very nervous about contacting and sharing anything so intimate and personal as my sex life with anyone. But I knew something had to change if I wanted to be happy in my marriage and have another child. And, 12 months later, I am not only in a transformed marriage but am expecting a baby this summer. I honestly don’t believe that this would’ve happened without Rachel’s coaching, mentoring and immense wisdom to guide both me and my husband through a tough period in our lives. I’m eternally grateful and can whole heartedly recommend Rachel to anyone seeking help or support in their relationships and family life. - M

What qualifies Rachel Daya to support females who have experienced sexual abuse?

Throughout my therapy career, women have continually sought a safe haven in my therapy practice to share their experiences of sexual abuse. Whilst I feel adequately well prepared by my professional counselling and psychosexual therapy training to hold safe space for female survivors, I have always continued my professional development. I believe that the more that I am able to meet and heal my shadow parts, the more I am able to provide a safe container to hold other women with their healing journey.

In recent years, I have trained in safe consensual touch practices, womb healing and womb yoga, as well as professional training in trauma informed care

What does OmShaktiYoga offer to females who have experienced sexual abuse?

OmShakti Yoga combines all my therapeutic and healing modalities that I have trained and practiced over the last 25 years . The aim of OmShakti Yoga is to empower women to heal our wounds, to feel safe in our sovereignty as women, to discover our voice of power and to feel free to express our beauty in our own unique ways, just for ourselves and in freedom.

During 2020, we will be creating an online 6 part course, with a supportive Facebook community.

Please let us know if you’d like to hear more about our online course.

Daya’s prayer for all women

I pray that all women find freedom and peace in our hearts and our bodies, to live without fear of invasion of our most sacred feminine spaces.

And that our womb wisdom is always honoured, always listened to and always cherished.

And that we are able to find rest, solace and great nourishment in our own unique expressions on this earth, for all sisterhood to share as one beating heart.

And so it is.
Blessed be.

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